Helping electric and gas retailers, electric wholesalers, and end users improve business through reasonable back office costs and risk management.

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Experience Working for You

Retail Energy Back Office has helped diverse organizations achieve large cost reductions and significant operational improvements by upgrading their energy forecasting and supply management processes. We can help improve retail usage forecasting accuracy through better modeling of temperature effects and through improved overall system design, and we can help assure that you use the optimum purchasing and risk management techniques. These improvements will, in turn, create better pricing precision, risk management, and supply purchasing strategies.

Our Business — REBO combines extensive experience in regulated and deregulated retail and wholesale electricand natural gas markets with strong database and system development to offer a broad spectrum of back office product and services to our clients. Our information products and services allow retail and wholesale electric, and retail natural gas providers to focus on acquiring and retaining profitable customers.

Our Customers — Our customers’ primary business is selling electricity and natural gas or managing their corporate energy needs. REBO provides the services and systems that allow them to make strategic and operating decisions quickly and accurately.

Our Philosophy of Information Management

  • Having accurate and complete data is essential.
  • Having data in a consistent, accessible and usable form is better.
  • Having actionable analysis and reports available on demand is best.
  • Users should never have to worry about maintaining and updating products and services from REBO (ASP).

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REBO Solutions for Energy Wholesalers

Our Approach to Retail Energy Risk Management —
The key to retail electric risk management is timely, accurate and available customer information. All functions rely on and all risk is managed by customer information.